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What Is The Language Of God?

God Is Still Speaking

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About worship at St. Paul's


Our Sanctuary reflects the need for folk to gather together to worship God.  The front raised area is called the Chancel and the north gathering room behind us is called the Narthex.  The stained glass windows in front remind us of the wheat and grapes that are the elements of bread and juice of communion.  The table with the plate and chalice is used for communion, which is shared the first Sunday of each month.  Behind the table is the font which holds the water used for baptism.  We practice baptism for both infants and adults, and understand joining the church as an affirmation of one’s baptism. 


The open Bible in the front altar area reminds us of the gifts and promises of God through scripture.  The offering plates rest on the altar as the place where we share the gifts that we have been given by God.  The flowers remind us of the beauty of God’s creation.  The candles remind us of God’s gifts of life, new life, and light.


The cross is central to our faith story.  It reminds us that God understands the pain that is part of life.  It also tells us of the resurrection of Jesus.  We are promised a life beyond the experiences that we live on earth.  God has come to us, is among us, and promises to give us strength and comfort for the journey.


Our Sunday worship services reflect the idea of sabbath - a time away from the chores of daily life to reflect and to give God our thanks and praise.  Our worship services are generally divided into five sections that reflect our being together as a corporate faith community and leaving individually refreshed and strengthened in our commitment:


Our Approach to God

We gather, share concerns and announcements, welcome guests, and the worship leaders process.  We ask for God’s presence to be with us as we begin to move together from secular time into sacred time.


Our Prayers and Praise to God

We share in a prayer of confession as a corporate body, reminding us of our reformed heritage within the larger Protestant church.  Our confessions to God are shared together, rather than having one individual offer God’s forgiveness to another.  We then hear the words of assurance that God does forgive us and in response we share God’s peace with each other.


God Speaks to Us in Words and Music

There is a special time for children, the choir sings an anthem, and there is a sermon based on Bible readings of the day and the life of the community.  Bible readings are usually from the lectionary, common selections used by many churches that cover most of the narrative over a three year time period.


Our Prayers and Response to God

We pray together individually and as a community, sharing our concerns with each other, and share together in the saying of the ancient prayer of Jesus.  We also share in an offering, by the giving back a portion of our gifts to God through supporting the ministry and mission of this congregation.


Our Going Forth to Serve God

We close our service by singing together, rearing a benediction that reminds us of God’s care, and ending with a sung community ritual.  We leave worship reminded of God’s words, actions, and promises - and empowered to live as faithful people.


*          *          *


There are different days and seasons of the church year.  These include Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter, Pentecost, and All Saint’s Day.  In addition there are newer services like the Blessing of the Animals and the Longest Night at the winter solstice.  The colors of the hangings on the altar, pulpit, and lectern, and the pastor’s stole often reflect the church season.


Our worship life strives to be faithful and vital, and it is always growing and changing as we believe that God is still speaking today!  I welcome both your interest and your questions.


Rev. Tim Devine, Pastor




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