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Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies

Couple getting marriedWe have had many beautiful and joyous weddings and commitment ceremonies at St. Paul's, and look forward to being a part of many more. If you are thinking of St. Paul's as a possible place for your ceremony, please consider the following information.

Blessings on your journey!

Service Guidelines

A wedding or a commitment service is a service of worship. St. Paul's and it's staff wish to make your ceremony a joyous and meaningful experience; we will make every effort to help you understand our United Church of Christ tradition and to incorporate your specific wishes and ideas. To these ends we ask the following:

  • That you contact the church office to see if the date you want for your ceremony is available, and to make an appointment with our pastor.
  • That you engage in at least two counseling sessions with the pastor prior to your wedding/commitment service.
  • If you desire to have another minister share in or conduct the service, this request will be considered and implemented at the direction of the pastor.
  • That a meeting be set up with our wedding coordinator, who will work with you on all the details of the wedding/commitment service itself, and be present with you for the rehearsal and ceremony.
  • That all music used in the service be selected in consultation with the music director. Use of other musicians requires prior approval of our music director.
  • That floral arrangements and other decorations be in keeping with the worship setting. Plans for these will be reviewed with the wedding coordinator or pastor.
  • The wedding/commitment service is a service of worship and flash photography can disturb the participants. All photography and video requests are to be discussed in advance with the pastor.
  • Alcohol is not allowed in the church building or on the grounds.Another couple getting married
  • Dessemination of rice, petals, seeds, etc. is not permitted on the church premises.
  • St. Paul's building is used by many outside groups. Therefore the participants should not arrive at the church until the time scheduled by the wedding coodinator.
  • A deposit of $100.00 (refundable with 48 hours notice) will secure the date on the church calendar.
  • All other fees are due, in full, (and the wedding license presented) at the time of the rehearsal or 24 hours prior to the service, if there is no rehearsal.

Wedding/Commitment Fee Schedule

Church Sanctuary: $150.00
Organist: $100.00 (There may be additonal organist fees for accompaniment of soloists and rehearsals)
Wedding Coordinator: $150.00
Pastor: $150.00

Janitorial Fees:
Sanctuary: $25.00
Fellowship Hall (if used for reception): $25.00

Occasionally a couple would like to hold their reception at St. Paul's after the ceremony. These arrangements and fees are available from the church office and can be discussed with the pastor and wedding coordinator. A small, informal wedding/commitment service (less then 20 people), or one off site can be discussed directly with the pastor.

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