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Non-profit office rental available


Office space available in Ballard church.  One room, 12’ by 17' with built-in storage and shelving along one wall.  Heat, electricity, and internet access included.  Phone jack included.  Can be furnished with desk(s), chairs, file cabinet, microwave, and small copier.  24/7 access with parking.  $375 per month includes utilities mentioned.  Must be a qualifying non-profit agency.  Direct inquiries to or 206/783-6733 x1.  Location: St. Paul's United Church of Christ, 6512 12th Ave NW, Seattle 98117


Room Use for Meetings


We currently rent space to many different groups and organizations. If you would be interested in hosting a weekly meeting at our church, please contact the office. Below you will find our current room use guidelines.

Guidelines for Groups using Facilities at St. Paul's UCC

These guidelines are established to facilitate cooperation in our common efforts to provide a safe and attractive facility for the faith community and the groups using the building.

  1. Please keep the office informed of your current contact names and phone numbers. Occasionally it is necessary to change a room assignment because of special events, such as a memorial, wedding, or holidays. We will attempt to contact your designated person and/or will leave a memo in your groups' mailbox in the hall of the main floor, with as much notice as is possible.
  2. The suggested donation for room use is $40.00 per month or 40% of your group's monthly income, whichever is greater. This means $40/month is your minimum goal, although St. Paul's understands that some groups will struggle to meet this goal. We ask only that you strive to meet the guideline. Place your group's donation in the reusable envelope provided and put it through the mail-slot in the office door. The envelope will be returned to your group's mailbox after each donation. A quarterly recap of donations will be provided by the church (March, June, September, December), as well as a year-end total. This suggested donation reflects another year of no increase. St. Paul's reserves the right to change this amount with 30 days' written notice.
  3. Church keys are available from the church office for a refundable deposit of $5.00. It is advised that each group have a responsible key-holder to ensure that your group has access to the building for your scheduled meetings. There is no other guarantee that the building will be open for your meeting. If your group is the last meeting of the evening, please be sure to lock the building as you leave. Please do not prop emergency exit doors open. Please do not duplicate the key. Names and phone numbers for all key holders shall be communicated to the office as changes occur.
  4. Each group has a mailbox, located in the hall of the main floor outside of the church office. Groups may receive US Mail, if clearly addressed for your group. Communications from the church, including quarterly reports of room donations, are regularly placed in these mailboxes, so please check them often.
  5. Use only those rooms listed in your agreement and which appear on the posted schedule. Please negotiate changes with the office manager before using other rooms. You are expected to vacate the room promptly if another meeting is scheduled. The building must be completely vacated by 9:30 PM unless you have made special arrangements with the office manager.
  6. Do not leave children unattended, or allow them to use other rooms or the play-yard unless an adult is present.
  7. All supplies must be marked with the group name and must be stored compactly inside of a cabinet in the room in which you meet. Because there is limited space, please limit your storage. Please do not stockpile bulky items. Please obtain boxes that will fit inside a cabinet and label them clearly with the group name and date of meeting. All items not properly stored will be removed at the discretion of the church.
  8. If you wish to lock a cabinet, St. Paul's requires a duplicate key to any locks placed on our cabinets. Keys will be stored in your group's file in the church office. St. Paul's reserves the right to open any cabinet in its building.
  9. If your group stores supplies/equipment in the front furnace room, make sure it is clearly labeled and placed securely on a shelf. Due to Fire Department Regulations and to allow access to the water heater and furnace in case of emergency, items left on the floor will be removed.
  10. Heating Guidelines: Heat in the basement and sanctuary is automatically timed according to the printed schedule of meetings. For all other rooms, please do not turn the heat above 68 degrees and be sure to turn the thermostat back down after your meeting. You may need to arrive a few minutes before your meeting to warm up those rooms. Be especially careful with wall heaters and do not place furniture near them. Space heaters are not allowed.
  11. Return the room to the condition and arrangement in which you found it, including folding up and/or returning chairs and tables to their original locations. Take down your group sign, store your equipment and supplies in your marked box and place it in a cabinet (or furnace room), shut windows and turn off lights and heat (where applicable).
  12. Clean up coffee spills on the carpets quickly with one of the clean towels provided in the kitchen. Blot up the spill with the towel, dilute spot with cold water and blot up again.
  13. The church's dishes, cookware, and silverware are not available. Please do not use food from the cupboards or refrigerator. You may have short-term storage in the kitchen's refrigerator if items are clearly labeled and at your own risk. Unmarked items may be removed. Do not use the dishwasher. Please clean up the kitchen after your meeting.
  14. There is no smoking in the building, nor within 25 feet of the entrance. Please confine your smoking to the sidewalks or parking lot. Please use appropriate containers for butts and garbage. Groups with smokers are asked to empty butt containers regularly, and also clean up butts from the garden/sidewalk.
  15. Respect our neighbors by obeying the City of Seattle's parking laws: 1) NO parking within 5 feet of the upper cut of any driveway, 2) NO parking within 30 feet of any stop sign, and 3) NO parking within any unmarked crosswalk (the continuation of the sidewalk edges across any unmarked street). Violations may be reported, tickets issued and/or cars towed.
  16. Leave bicycles outside. The City of Seattle has installed a bike rack at street level on 65th for your use.
  17. No animals are allowed on church property, except for trained personal assistance animals.
  18. Do no use lighted candles.
  19. Informational flyers from groups may be posted on the bulletin boards downstairs and/or, if they are donation-based events, they may be placed on the designated literature tables. St. Paul's reserves the right to remove any literature.
  20. Group/user hereby agrees to defend, protect, indemnify and hold harmless St. Paul's United Church of Christ, its directors, officers, agents, employees, volunteers and members (hereafter referred to as "the church") from any and all claims, liabilities, and/or suits arising either directly or indirectly out of the group's/user's use of the premises. The group/user assumes complete responsibility for loss of or damage to group's/user's property or property of any invitee, as well as property of the church arising out of their use of the premises.
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