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What Is The Language Of God?

God Is Still Speaking

See & hear the UCC video (1.5 minutes): a loving message about our inclusive, welcoming Stillspeaking God!

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Fire Recovery Updates

 We are back in the Sanctuary for worship!  Office hours have resumed.  Telephone and internet access for the office has returned.  Recovery groups have returned.  Thanks be to God!


Tim Devine's booklet "Re-Formed by Fire" - The stories of eight United Church of Christ congregations with the shared experience of a building fire.

January 2017 update 

October 24, 2016 update

Link to September 12, 2016 pictures

September 11, 2016: back in St. Paul's for worship!

Link to July 28 update & pictures

Link to June 26 update (PDF)

Link to May 19 building-in-recovery pictures

Link to March 29 post-fire pictures

May 19:  Asbestos abatement in the education wing completed this morning. Meeting and walk-through today with Belfor (our project manager) and insurance adjuster.  Communicated the church council-approved  items list to Belfor.  Belfor and insurance adjuster negotiating scope of work and insurance coverage.   

April 22:  Meeting and walk-through with Belfor to look at scope of work covered by insurance, and possible change orders to enhance security and functionality.  

April 21:  St. Paul’s security brainstorming meeting.

April 12: Initial walk-through with insurance adjuster.  Scope of work process begins.

April 11:  Investigation closed. Fire started at furnace. Nothing more definite than that.

April 1:  Investigation begins

March 30: Emergency asbestos abatement begins

March 30: Belfor Restoration on site to help

March 29:  Fire is out

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